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We serve, inspire and empower young girls to develop into confident, well-rounded global leaders.

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The Power of Girls is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta. Our mission is to serve, inspire and empower young girls to develop into confident, well-rounded global leaders through mentorship, team building and cultural experiences.

Each year, we select a class of The Power of Girls to participate in our year-long “Power House” curriculum focused on developing confidence, leadership skills and self-awareness. The programming culminates with an international trip. Upon completion of the program, Power of Girls participants become part of our active alumni group.

Why international travel? Travel is a way to view the world through a broader lens- understanding different cultures and widening our perspectives. For young girls especially, travel is both eye-opening and empowering. It allows us to stretch our comfort zones, build confidence in new skills, spark our curiosity, and explore our ideas about the world around us. For our Power of Girls, travel is truly a transformative experience!

2019 Applications

Each spring, we announce our new class of The Power of Girls. Applications for 2019 will be posted in February.

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